[Suggestion] Character Development Questions

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[Suggestion] Character Development Questions

Post  Taki on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:57 am

In the interest of facilitating the development of richer, deeper characters and encouraging better roleplaying, I suggest we provide new players with a list of questions that they can answer to flesh out their character. I've had good experiences with this sort of list, both as a player and as a GM. I'm providing a list of questions I've used before, but we'll likely need to come up with our own list (since I don't remember where these came from and may be someone's intellectual property).

1. What do you know about this character now that s/he doesn’t yet know?
2. What is this character’s greatest flaw?
3. What do you know about this character that s/he would never admit?
4. What is this character’s greatest asset?
5. If this character could choose a different identity, who would s/he be?
6. What music does this character sing to when no one else is around?
7. In what or whom does this character have the greatest faith?
8. What is this character’s favorite movie?
9. Does this character have a favorite article of clothing? Favorite shoes?
10. Does this character have a vice? Name it.
11. Name this character’s favorite person (living or dead).
12. What is this character’s secret wish?
13. What is this character’s proudest achievement?
14. Describe this character’s most embarrassing moment.
15. What is this character’s deepest regret?
16. What is this character’s greatest fear?
17. Describe this character’s most devastating moment.
18. What is this character’s greatest achievement?
19. What is this character’s greatest hope?
20. Does this character have an obsession? Name it.
21. What is this character’s greatest disappointment?
22. What is this character’s worst nightmare?
23. Whom does this character most wish to please? Why?
24. Describe this character’s mother.
25. Describe this character’s father.
26. If s/he had to choose, with whom would this character prefer to live?
27. Where does this character fall in birth order? What effect does this have?
28. Describe this character’s siblings or other close relatives.
29. Describe this character’s bedroom. Include three cherished items.
30. What is this character’s birth date? How does this character manifest traits of his/her astrological sign?
31. If this character had to live in seclusion for six months, what six items would s/he bring?
32. Why is this character angry?
33. What calms this character?
34. Describe a recurring dream or nightmare this character might have.
35. List the choices (not circumstances) that led this character to his/her current predicament.
36. List the circumstances over which this character has no control.
37. What wakes this character in the middle of the night?
38. How would a stranger describe this character?
39. What does this character resolve to do differently every morning?
40. Who depends on this character? Why?
41. If this character knew s/he had exactly one month to live, what would s/he do?
42. How would a dear friend or relative describe this character?
43. What is this character’s most noticeable physical attribute?
44. What is this character hiding from him/herself?
45. Write one additional thing about your character.

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Re: [Suggestion] Character Development Questions

Post  Amanda R on Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:34 pm

1) Where was this character born?
2) How many family members did they know while growing up? Who was their favorite?
3) What do they count as their best feature?
4) What do they wish they could change about themselves?
5) What do they want to learn to do?
6) What is their “hot button” issue(s)?
7) How does the character feel about magic and their users?
Cool How does the character feel about other races?
9) How does the character feel about the opposite sex?
10) Who was their childhood hero(ine)?
11) Think of an event that changed this character forever.
12) What was the character like before the cataclysm? Do they remember it?
13) What does the character want to keep secret?
14) What has the character done to make enemies?
15) What ticks or weird habits do they have?
16) What is their most treasured possession? How did they get it?
17) What is their favorite food?
18) How would they choose to spend a sunny warm afternoon?
19) Do they have any goals they are pursuing before arriving in the Havens?
20) Think of only three words that would describe the character.

20 questions I thought of while playing Minecraft.

Amanda R

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