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Existing Lore Info

Post  Taki on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:17 am

Just a quick question: there is a significant amount of Lore on the FH page - some of which was generated by GM's, some by players. How will that information be treated in reference to the Player's Guide? Will it be treated on the same level as new submissions, as established canon, or somewhere in between?

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Re: Existing Lore Info

Post  Jared T on Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:39 pm

The FH Lore found on the website is currently submitted lore, and as such will be treated like the current lore. Now none of the Final Haven lore is sacrosanct, but it will be given quite a bit of weight when the Final Haven Players Book is being written. Even if the lore is omitted from the final draft of the book it does not mean the lore is not valid, just that it is not included in the book.

To gauge the player’s interest in the FH Lore, I specifically did not submit the current lore on the website but rather set up guidelines and forums dedicated to existing 'written' lore. I have left it to the users of this forum to eventually cherry pick the lore they most favor and submit it here. My hope is that this will spark interest in reading through the existing lore.

This is also not the 'end-all' of lore creation either. With enough interest behind it, further supplements with more in-depth information on races, organizations, and history could be created as well using the lore that was not used in the Final Haven Players Book. There is a possibility that this lore could also be collected and resubmitted to a peer-reviewed wiki as well (a cleaner more accessible lore page). So although current cannon or new submissions may not make it into the final draft for the Final Haven Players Book, it does not mean they are lost to the ages.

But to answer your question (which I think I did in a round-about way) the Lore on the FH website will be treated as canon, but for this project Final Haven canon may be amended, altered, corrected, improved, or updated.

Jared T

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