[Geography] The Obsidian Corridors

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[Geography] The Obsidian Corridors

Post  Robin Hercher on Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:44 am

Introduced: November 2009 Event
NPC creator: Robin

The Obsidian Corridors are a large, Dwarven carved mountain fortress, the exact location unknown to the people of Haven. The Corridors are stunningly carved out of obsidian, and are a vast, winding network of tunnels and caves in a long dormant volcano somewhere on one of the continents or islands South of the Equator, if the dramatic change in seasons is to be considered when a group of Havenites traveled there via portal.

The Corridors are also magically enchanted with very old magic - the great Gates (which are at least 5 stories tall) to enter the fortress can only be opened by certain magical 'key's': a set of jewelry carved from the very obsidian of the Corridors.

As the Obsidian Corridors are obviously of Dwarven origin, it is therefore a curiosity that their current inhabitants are a group of Rebel Dark Elves, led by Lord Kivara; who had been harboring refugees from Haven's outlying villages, sent aid to Haven for it's retaking from the Council Elves, and was the Dark Elf representative at a previous conference on Haven lands years earlier.

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