How Much Should We Start With?

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How Much Should We Start With?

Post  Amanda R on Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:01 am

I have some ideas for suggested content, but I don't want to go too detailed on the first iteration. Would you rather see a bulleted list outline or first draft paragraphs to pick apart?

Also, is the lore section on the Final Haven website canon? I'm particularly thinking of the essay on death.

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Re: How Much Should We Start With?

Post  Jared T on Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:27 pm

The way in which you would prefer to submit information is completely up to you. It would probably be best if I explain the basic process behind the scenes. As it is not yet fleshed out I have not posted it, but the general concept will remain the same.

After a good amount of time or submissions have passed, I will be putting out a call for writers. The submitted information will be compiled and sorted through for duplications, similarity, and quality. Once the writers have been chosen and the submissions compiled, the writers will be prepped with general mood and tone for the pieces. These writers will then use the compilation at their discretion to create a rough draft for final submission. The rough draft will be vetted and edited and returned to the writers for a final draft. The final drafts will then be set on a shelf for a few months to collect dust. This dust will then be used as a prop in a future game. The final drafts will then be remembered and rushed into a final book where the artwork will be integrated.

To summarize, submit any information the best way it can be presented. Try to keep each post to one significant idea or theme. If you happen to have two great ideas for Gutherie, one a story and the other concepts, then submit them separately as best presented.

To answer your second question, this is a tricky bit. This forum is for open and free thought towards all of Phanterran lore. Anything can be suggested, even major changes to the basic cannon. But to disregard what has been laid down before us is to disregard what has created us. Can you submit changes to cannon? Yes, absolutely but it better be damn good. *grin* Also (to use your death example) there can be multiple explanations for what death is or how it works. There could even be multiple treatises on death or one long 'discussion' between experts on the matter arguing each of their own points!

The end result should be the collaborative effort of all people who have played or participated in the game past and present. (I'd include future players, but they will have a hard time submitting lore in the past.) My personal goal for this project is to create a players guide so captivating that after someone reads it through for the thirteenth time, they are bursting with new ideas or unique characters concepts and cannot wait to play.

Hopefully I have answered your questions. If you have more, please post them!

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