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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

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The dwarven people are a stoic race, one that has been around as long as the mountains, and in the case of many mountain ranges in today’s Phanterra, longer. Recently, their numbers have dwindled and many of their great cities under the mountains have been destroyed, but yet their spirits have soared with rumors of an ancient and powerful ally awakening in the depths below the surface of the world. The dwarven people are hearty folk, and strong, proud, and staunch allies in combat. They are also stubborn to a fault and are slow to change their minds on any topic. They distrust other races; though they have a number of dealings with them in trade and get along best with Guthries, which the Dwarves seem to view with pity.
~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 13
Dwarven skin is weathered and reddened from the forge fires of their homes and thus players must use red to reddish brown face paint. Normally Dwarves are also seen with beards, which are often ornamented with small tokens of precious metals and gemstones. Dwarves without such beards are considered to be disgraced among their own kind. For Dwarves choosing to wear beards, painting the cheeks will do, whereas beardless Dwarves should paint their whole face. Females typically have wispy sideburns and often sport beards as well.
~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 13

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