phys rep tags

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phys rep tags

Post  Ark on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:53 am

on doors and walls and such.

i like the tags and such but i have one gripe thats been around for a while

secret doors or vault doors that are nothing but a tiny tag, i feel this needs to be fixed, even if all you do is bring a rug that says door on it and hide it under a bed, at least its better than a tag under a shoe Wink

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Re: phys rep tags

Post  Jared T on Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:06 pm

Phys-rep is short for physical representation. Everything in game must have some sort of ingame phys-rep and a tag to go with it. A tag is a small slip of paper that is used to identify what an item is and that it is an in-game item. If an item does not have a tag you will not be able to use it in game. However, you may carry items without a tag as long as they are only decorative (i.e. a ring that you wear, your clothing, etc.). Decorative items have no value and they may not be stolen.
~Final Haven Core Book pp. 95
To clarify, if you would like an item to have an in-game effect (such as a door, vault, or sword) it must have both a tag and a phys-rep accompanying the tag or it is not an in-game item and therefore will have no actual effects.

On another note, this is a rules question and would be better answered in the forums on Final Haven's site. This forum is better suited for conversations on how to make a phys-rep for a door or a vault and all the other nuances that arise from the creation of a phys-rep.

Jared T

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