[Written] CARPS Racial Background - High Elf

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[Written] CARPS Racial Background - High Elf

Post  Jared T on Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:53 pm

This information was gathered from the CARPS rulebook.

Accesses: Major Water, Minor Earth, Minor Air
Primary skills: Lore, Read/Write
Secondary skills: Spell Power, Spell Intensity
Best at: Magics, Higher Learning, Lore, Haughtiness

Costuming for a High Elf:
  • Wear ear extensions (or cover your ears with a hat, scarf, etc.)
  • Wear robes, dresses, or long shirts with tights (long shirts with pants as a last resort)

About High Elves:
Day 33: I have been away for too long. The people here are imbeciles. I have never seen such a poor excuse for a town. I wonder who is really in charge. They have Dwarves and Orcs, both of whom seem to have more authority than anybody else, perhaps even more than the constable himself. How can a community allow this to happen? I long for the sight of my home again.
—Vel'asha, Elven sage

High Elves have an extraordinary passion for knowledge and the magical arts. They seek it with a hunger similar to that of a starving man, and then they store it safely away. To forget it or to lose it is unthinkable. They are usually great scholars, fond of study and discipline. They take great pride in their High Elven heritage, including their long, pointed ears.

Elves have very strong ties to their homeland. They are most comfortable among their own kind and believe that they should stay there to better their kind and their community. While away from their home, they can be struck with an incredible loneliness, a longing to be back where they belong—although this is lessened somewhat when in the presence of other elves. Elves were the first race of intelligent creatures to inhabit the lands, and many of the other races evolved directly from them. They founded the ancient and magnificent city of Syl‘Van‘Dar, which still stands today. Two other cities they founded are since lost to the world.

"The pointy eared ones are trustworthy. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I never fear these Elves. They are generally good creatures, quite capable. They can be a bit distracting at times, but they seem to know when enough is enough."
—Taken from the journal of Wick, Valken'Vi (deceased)

Almost all elves are proficient mages, but those who are somehow unsuited for it tend to become competent archers, loremasters, or healers. Of all of the races, Elves have the longest lifespan. Seldom will you find an Elf in the front lines fighting with a mighty weapon. This just isn't their way. They prefer to defend themselves in a safer manner; being able to attack from several feet away—out of a weapon's reach—is preferable.

Their desire for beauty and good form is second only to their desire for knowledge.Elders in the race are treated with the utmost respect. Tradition is of the utmost importance.

Got their noses up all the time, like their pointy-eared shit don't stink.
-Gorek, Dwarven armorsmith and everyone's favorite tough guy

High Elves’ Views of Other Races

They will often show little patience for those who seem less than equal to them in intelligence, which includes, in their opinion, just about everybody. They can relate well to intelligent humans and take a liking to gnomes, who can usually speak several languages and tend to be well-traveled. Dwarves, goblins, and orcs are barbaric, untrustworthy, and disgusting. Elves will only grudgingly adventure with them, if they go at all. Players wishing to play an Elf are expected to show prejudices to these races, even if a friend from home is playing one of them. There are times that these prejudices are thrown aside for the betterment of survival, but social interaction is very rare.

For Elves: Game World Facts
  • Your home city is Syl‘Van‘Dar, and your Queen is Anvea. It is ancient and perfect, at least to elves. If you want to legally cast spells in the human lands, you must join either the Mages‘ Guild or House Toevass. You will then be bound by their rules and regulations.
  • While outside the Elven Kingdom, you do not have the rights and liberties afforded the meanest human peasant.
  • You will not look just like a human if you wear a hat to cover up your pointy ears. There is no "easy" way to disguise your race.
  • Humans are often suspicious of mages, doubly suspicious of elves, and triply suspicious of elven mages.
  • You may join any human guild you wish, but elven society tends to look down upon members of the human Mages‘ Guild.
  • If you see an elf wearing pants or with the tips of his ears missing, he‘s a social outcast. Respectable elves wear skirts, robes, or at least tights with a long flowing shirt. Those who are menial laborers (the lazy and stupid) back home wear pants.
For Elves: Roleplaying Tips/Suggestions:
  • No outbursts of anger or undue displays of emotion. Act like a Vulcan.
  • Elves in CARPS are based on water, not earth. The earthy, flighty, tree-huggy elves that prance about in the woods and love nature are Wood elves, not high elves. Be calm, elegant, moderate, and purposeful.
  • Cutting or sarcastic remarks are A-OK. Your sense of humor is refined.
  • Elves love learning, culture, manners, learning, trappings, the appearance of being learned, grace, and having others recognize their culture, manners, and learning.
  • If you are a fighter, dust yourself after a battle. Sit up straight, feet off the table.
  • Elves are haughty and firmly believe they are the best of all races. How you express this belief is up to you. For example, you may think so little of humans at first that even their most minor displays of intelligence take you by surprise. The amount of time you‘ve spent in the big wide world (i.e., your life experience) will dictate how you treat those who aren‘t elves.
  • Never use a 2 nick word if a 2 wald word will fit. Try to look smart.
  • Try to look exotic.
  • Outside of the elven kingdom, everything you see is an ass-backwards mess. The inn is a hovel. The port city is barbaric. Though if called on to describe it, you may force a smile ever so slightly and call it "rustic".

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