[Written] CARPS Racial Background

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[Written] CARPS Racial Background

Post  Jared T on Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:32 pm

This information was gathered from the CARPS rulebook.

Accesses: Major Fire, Minor Earth, Minor Air
Primary skills: Wear Heavy Armor, any Smithing Skill
Secondary skills: Any melee weapon Skill, Retain Life
Best at: Armor and Weapon Smithing, Fighting, Drinking, Having a Good Time
Size: Smaller than man size

Costuming for a Dwarf:
  • Wear a beard (or long braids if you are female, be it a wig or real hair)
  • Color your skin red or brownish-red
  • Wear armor, and lots of it

About Dwarves:
In the beginning, Elves were the only race. Thousands of years ago, a small band of Elves set out to gather information that they thought was necessary to the prosperity of their race. They began to learn how to manipulate the powers of Fire in order to make weapons and armor, both of which were necessary in the fight against dragons. During the second great war, when powerful mages and their magics almost caused the end of civilization, these Fire Elves (An‘Dar‘Vi) vowed to abandon all practice of magic to restore balance to the world. Eventually they would evolve to the point where they could no longer manipulate Water and the Dwarf was born. They would never lose their distrust of magic, always remembering the war that nearly destroyed Phantara.

Honor is the single most important thing to the Dwarf. Being embarrassed by another is devastating to their egos. They constantly want to look good in front of the other Dwarves, especially those within their own clan—the only other Dwarves for which they have deep respect and loyalty. It is not uncommon for Dwarves of different clans to get into short lived scuffles.

Dwarves make frequent trips to the Dwarven homelands, as is tradition, to participate in seasonal rituals which celebrate the coming of age and other important times in a Dwarf's life. Like Elves, they have tremendous respect for their elders and will go to their service on command if the need arises. This is not something that Dwarves argue about. If they're needed by someone important, they help. It's that simple.

“Dwarves are more like an irritating rash than anything else. You can only rub them the wrong way and then they only itch all the more.”
—Seerach, Elf

Though Dwarves are illiterate, they have an amazing battle sense. Few are smarter in the heat of the battle and they love a good fight more than anyone. They seem to get an adrenaline kick as they are charging the front lines, beating on some monster, or kicking the tar out of someone in a local bar brawl. They especially favor fighting Orcs and goblins as those are the creatures that they hate the most. A close third would be the Elves. Dwarves enjoy a good meal with a large glass of Dwarven ale, a drink that will knock many races out for most of a day...but, then again, it tastes so bad that few other races would get anywhere near it.

Dwarves tend to be very rugged looking. The males have full beards, unless they want to be looked upon as an outcast, an outsider, or a traitor. The females have light facial hair. Females usually wear their hair long in one or two braids. Most Dwarves wear very nice armor. They pride themselves on having some of the most beautiful armor in the world, fit to perfection. The more important the Dwarf is, the nicer his armor tends to be. Another way to distinguish the social class of the Dwarf is the number of braids that they have in their beards. The more braids, the higher the class.

Dwarven women are not looked down upon within the society, and may do everything a male can, except they can never be as high in social standing as a male. They are strong and agile like the males, but they do accept their social position. The number of necklaces that they wear around their necks can tell a great deal about who they are married to.

Personally, I like Dwarves. They're pretty neat. I love to pull on their beards and twist them into knots and stuff, but only when they let me 'cause some don't like that very much. They have kind of big tempers, so I try not to get on their nerves, but we're friends.
—Curly Toejam, Guthrie and runner-up in the planet wide story-telling extravaganza

Among the Dwarven clans the most universal tradition is the exchanging of friendship rings. You should never decline a friendship ring from a Dwarf unless you want to have a very powerful enemy. It is very rare for non-Dwarves to receive one. It almost never happens. (A Dwarven player character may only give out one friendship ring to a non-dwarf per 500 character points they have attained.) They are usually passed between clans and the refusal to accept one is the number one cause of clan battles. The recipient is supposed to be very honored when receiving such a gift. Upon refusing, a Dwarf could instantly find himself in an honor duel, which could be very dangerous to his health.

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