[Written] Undead Creatures

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[Written] Undead Creatures

Post  Jared T on Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:49 am

Found in the Lore section of the Final Haven website.

By: Guth Barnscrubber - recorded by Sammuel Niv
Date: 1055
Common Name: Zombie

No. Commonly Encountered: As many as animated.

Mental Aptitude: Darned Dumb.

Movement Type: Shamble

Habitat: Where-ever there be dead people.

Description: Twere horrific. Terrible. Get me another bottle and I'll tell me tale....

Were cleaning up the ol' man's barn. As me name would suggest. Was kinda late like, but the moon was up an' I had me lantern. I was near done when I heard em, a sorta low groaning like. At first I thought someone was in pain, an maybe they's was. But twas horrible.

There was at least a dozen of em, all covered in dirt and grime, worst even than the most humid day in the barn. A stench comin off em like nothin I've ever smelt — an thats saying something — one of the goats was still tied to the fence. They caught it and ripped it appart. Ate the things guts an all and kept on coming.

Well I was right scared, when they came into the barn, an I stabbed one with the pitchfork. Didn't hardly even slow er down. Not that they's move real fast.

Well I swung me lantern at it, and it went up like a barrel o pitch. Started whinin like and swingin around. Caught the whole barn on fire with all em in there. I jumped out the hayloft an broke me ankle. That's when I noticed one had bit me arm. Itched something fierce.

With the barn gone I had no job. Worse, the arm kept on getting worse, and I had to cut it off with an axe. Now there's no much I can do but sit here and drink.

Tactical Information: (Sammuel Niv) According to the testimony above, and my other research, I believe the best strategies for dealing with these mindless undead to be fire and bladed weapons. Since they feel no pain, a crushing or piercing attack does little real damage. They know only hunger, and are easily baited. They also appear to avoid bright lights and sunshine.

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