[Suggested] Orc History

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[Suggested] Orc History

Post  Kiel Reid on Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:05 pm

Age of Myth

The Orc people were born on the battlefields of great wars. They were always rejected by their parents and left to die. However their stubborn nature would not allow them to do so. When they grew up they would disguise themselves in order to join war parties. When they took a village they would procreate with everything available. This caused the Orc population to grow quickly and in a spread out area. Often they would find themselves drawn to the most bloody of war zones, this is where many of the first Orc tribes were established. The tribe leader was the last one standing after free for all battle on the Blood Moon. Thus the first tribe was born.

The Orc people then started taking refuge in the uninhabitable places of Phantarra. Through out history they were referred to as "Boogie Men", a group of monsters who would eat bad children who disrespected their parents or didn't do their children. Little did people know that these stories held some truth. When an Orc tribe attacked they left no survivors.

The Orcs thought they had no equal in battle and that their strength had no equal. They strongly refute the fact that they were defeated by the Tsunotaur people. Often they refuted the story by beheading the story teller and playing a game of Orcball with it. This caused the story to fall out of favor with many bards.

Age of Ancients

This time brought hard times among the Orc people. The other races of Phantarra decided to try an eliminate the Orcs once and for all. They hunted them down with magic and obliterated their tribes one by one. They were being exterminated and were forced to hide in the wilderness to avoid genocide. The Orc people started to die out. Their numbers continued to dwindle as the other races thrived. Only their burning hatred for the other folk of Phantarra kept them going.

As the other races made their plans the Orcs decided to prepare for the end of times. They gathered what was left of their kind and prepared for the end of times. They did not think the others would succeed with their elaborate plan so they readied themselves for the ultimate battle. Little did they know they would get exactly what they wanted...and so much more.

As darkness spewed into Phantarra they attacked it with a righteous fury. They laid waste to many hoards. They tore through everything in their path leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. Those who once cursed their existence praised their name as they approached the battlefields...little did they know that the Orcs would drink from their skulls as well. Nothing survived their onslaughts. Only the breaking of Phantarra itself was enough to end their rage.

Age of Mystery

During this time the Orcs finally established themselves in the world. Magic was changed which meant the form of protection was a strong blade at your side...or someone else who knew how to use one. Their tribes were hired out with those who had food, weapons, armor or slaves. They were known as the best protection that could be bought and also the cheapest. Though they were not that book smart their trials and tribulations caused them to develop a natural battle sense. Their warriors were fearless, brutal, and loyal to the chief. If you had the chief, you had his tribe...at least until the next Blood Moon.

Age of Humans

Time had caused the Orc people to grow lazy by now. They spent more time talking about battle than actually taking place in it. They formed themselves a comfortable society in the east past the mountains. Over time the Orcs became a shadow of their former greatness getting smaller, weaker, and cowardly.

Then they were attacked. Few remembered the ways of battle and they fell quickly and for the first time in their history they retreated. It was a sad time for the Orcs and many killed themselves, unable to bare the shame of what they did.

One voice echoed out amongst the Orc people. It promised them glory, strength, and the blood of their enemies. It was the voice of Gromm. Gromm called all the tribe leaders to the Blood Moon and challenged them to mortal combat. He dispatched them all and declared himself chieftain of all tribes. Soon after he brought the armies across the mountains and began to lay waste to Silverthorn.

Post Cataclysm

Unlike in other times when the Orcs have banded together instead many have chosen to strike off on their own. Some are still in tribes although smaller than in the past. Though many are still as barbaric as ever others have decided to try and adopt the ways of the cultured societies, some are even bathing. Most other Orcs spit on these weaklings in disgust but the amount of their kind adopting this lifestyle is growing. However they are still a very small majority and most Orcs are still their disgusting and rude selves.

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