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[Pikeman] Press

Post  Jared T on Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:08 am

Press is a very versatile skill that allows you to move an opposing character in a particular direction. If it is looked at from a role-playing perspective, the sheer presence of a character could move people out of her way or force them against a wall or to the ground. A queen could walk up to someone and with a simple touch (and the skill 'Press' of course) force someone to bow before her. A particularly stern guard of the Queen's army could hit someone in the back of the legs forcing them to bow before his Queen. In an attempt to get closer to the Queen, a peasant could accidentally trip and shove a guard out of the way, or an assassin could force the guards to stumble over each other by knocking one back into the rest of them.

Now, my single favorite use of Press though had to be one fine day when a group of PC's were carefully walking down a narrow path along a cliff side where they had to travel single file. A group of thieves were coming along from the opposite direction, so the PC's told the thieves they would "help" them across the path, but the thieves kept slipping and falling off the cliff edge. The poor thieves didn't figure out what was happening until only one was left.

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