[written] The Age of Ascention

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[written] The Age of Ascention

Post  Christen M. on Thu May 12, 2011 1:09 pm

The Age of Ascension:

Long had been the Age of Humans, where they had watched and waited in twilight. Now, all of the mighty magical artifacts that they had crafted in the days before the Splitting worked once more, and the elves felt their might. They chose their new ruler, Anvea’s eldest son Anwyn, and made plans for the decades and centuries to come. They saw that there time was come to go out into the world once more and take back what had been lost to them, for fate had seen fit to return them to greatness and might. None could stand before them, and it was their right and proper place to reclaim their birthright as the descendants of the An’Dar and the Ancient Faery. Obviously, the Humans and other folk had had their chance to prove their right to govern and rule themselves, to see to the guardianship of fair Phantara, and had failed. Only the elves were fit to rule, and so they would.

But, though they did not know it at first, other entities were come back into the world with the One Magic as well. The Dragons at last stirred from their age long sleep, and the Ancient Faery looked again to the green lushness of Phantara with fondness. And too… there were other powers, darker, hungrier, that began to stir, and the elves did not see them. Their eyes were for their empire alone, and so they march into the world once more, unseeing, unaware, believing themselves to be the only might left in the world of Phantara.
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