[written] Elven Hierarchy

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[written] Elven Hierarchy

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Elven Hierarchy

The Elven Kingdom considers, in effect, all lands in the wholeness of Phantara to be theirs. They acknowledge no boundaries imposed by others and wander freely where they will. However, in actuality, the Elven people have little to do with the other races, and prefer to live secluded from them and out of the way of dangerous hordes such as the armies of Gromm.

All Elves consider all other Elves born of the Silv’An’Dar bloodlines to be part of the same kingdom, and all are expected to follow Elven law above all others. The notable exceptions to this are, of course, the Wood Elves and the Storm Elves. Though the Wood Elves are, unlike the Storm Elves, full-blooded elves, they, like their subracial compatriots, left the elven homeland long ago and have since become a unique people all together. They have evolved into entirely separate cultures and peoples with unique values, laws, social structures, and governing systems. The High Elves of Silv’An’Dar do not even consider them true elves any longer. They see them as sad, misguided cousins who long ago fell from light and grace. They see them as only just a step above humans. As for the Storm Elves, those kin of mixed Elven and Valkin’vi blood lost ages ago, they refuse to even acknowledge that such a people do, or ever did, exist. It is considered a great blasphemy to even suggest that such a race could have come to be. However, those in high places of power know the truth of the Storm Elves, and fear their existence coming to light, for it would undermine the Elven image of bloodline purity.

Noble blood has long run the same families of the Elven race. In fact, to the Elves, nobility truly is genetic. On extremely rare occasions a lesser elf may be raised to the Blood, usually by marriage, but this is nearly unheard of, happening only once or twice a millennia. Nobles among the Elven people have certain special powers that they inherited long ago from their ancient Fae relations that the rest of the Elven population did not acquire, or have long since lost. These high-ranking Elves are almost never seen by non-elves, for they guard the sanctity of their bloodlines with zealous care.

The true power behind the Elven kingdom is the Monarchy. The ruling monarch is always of the most ancient and first true bloodline of the elves, that of House Sil’varin. House Sil’varin can trace its beginnings to the first children of the An’Dar and the Fae. It is the House that founded the first exclusively Elven city, and had ruled since before the keeping of the Count of Ages. The monarchs of the elves have always come from this bloodline and the line of succession has never been broken as far back as elven memory and record extends. Though the King or Queen is usually the eldest heir of this bloodline, there is president where a second or even third heir has ascended to the throne. This is because the ruling Monarch is assisted by the Small Council, or Silver Guard, and the Grand Council, or the White Guard. It is the right and duty of the Small and Grand councils to affirm the ruling monarch’s choice in successor. Thus, though the elves do have a ruling Monarchy, they also have a form of Representative governmental body as well.
Queen Anvea, called the Great upon her self-sacrificing death to protect the elves from the Cataclysm, bore two sons. Anwyn, the eldest of the two, was named King upon his mother’s death. He is a quiet and reserved elf, given mostly to deep reflection and steadfast purpose. He is well liked by the Elven folk, though not with the passion they show his brother, and his power as a magi is unrivaled. His temperate manner and passion for all intellectual pursuits make him a fine ruler. The younger brother, Anwyr, is as unlike his brother as the sun is from the moon. He is quick to laugh and brash of manner. With his band of ‘Companions’, he rode off in search of the lost kingdoms for a hundred years prior to the Cataclysm. His band also collected those of the elves scattered throughout the lands to call them back to the great city where they would be safe. He is loved and lauded by all the elvenkin, their darling Crown Prince.

The Silver Guard is comprised of the seven Noble Houses of the Elves and is an oversight governing body that advises the Monarch. Each House is granted one member to sit on the Silver Guard, usually the eldest member of the Bloodline. They are those of the eldest and most revered bloodlines of the elves, each representing a different virtue the elves hold dear. Each is also known for their excellence in a particular field and members of each House are considered masters of those subjects.

House Rosenblade: (Strength) Those of House Rosenblade are considered peerless in matters of the blade and military prowess. They serve at the highest levels of the Elven military and are renowned for their brilliant tactical ability.
House Dayspring: (Truth) The elves of House Dayspring are acknowledged to be some of the greatest philosophical minds in all of Silv’An’Dar. Their lives are given to the pursuit of understanding and philosophical enlightenment.
House Den’Alaura: (Justice) The Law of Silv’An’Dar is the domain of House Den’Alaura. They are judges and enforcers of the law of the Elven Kingdom when such is necessary, both within and without the borders of the kingdom. The folk of Den’Alaura cannot lie, and consider themselves to be neutral to any partisan matters.
House Twilimire: (Wisdom) Lore masters and historians all, Twilimire is a House comprised of learned scholars. They are great scribes and chroniclers of all that has and may yet come to pass in the history of the Elves.
House Oni’el: (Loyalty) The House of Oni’el is a unique one among the others. Their ways are in stealth and preservation. It is said that their arm reaches unto every corner of Phantara and no information escapes their notice. They are the secret guardians of the Elves, subtle and mysterious.
House Lexian: (Honor) Greatest of the mages of Silv’An’Dar are those of this House. They are mighty spell crafters and researchers, giving all of their time and energy into the arcane arts. They delve deep into the secret ways of magic and magic alone.
House Andriel: (Steadfastness) Healers and caretakers of body and mind are the folk of this Noble House. They are considered by most to be almost unparalleled masters of healing. Many are reminded, however, that the hand that can heal, can also harm. They are closely tied to House Oni’el, it is reported.

Each member of the Small Council is directly responsible for what happens to the Elves - both noble and common - in his domain. Only an Elder of that Noble line may be raised to the Council, at which point great knowledge and purpose are reportedly passed on to that individual from their predecessor. The monarch can remove any Small Council member at any time and replace him or her, though they may only be replaced by another Elder of their Noble House. Once an elf has been asked to leave the Council he or she can never return.

The White Guard, or Grand Council, is comprised of the Heads of the Thirteen Halls of the Elves. Elven society is a modified cast system. Their different casts are called “halls.” Each hall encompasses a number of families and has hierarchical organization. Members of the Seven Great Houses may also join a Hall if they desire, though most choose to server rather their Bloodline than a given professional path. There are a variety of departments under each hall, each representing a movement, school of thought, or line of study. The leader of each department is called a “Scholar,” while the head of the Hall has the title “Master.” All the Scholars meet every 30 years to determine if they should keep the current Master or give the job to a more qualified, younger, or more visionary Scholar. There are then twelve Masters, and when they are called together, the White Council is the most complete source of wisdom and knowledge in the Elven Kingdom. They chiefly advise the monarch and meet only in times of great crisis.
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