[written] Elven Rituals

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[written] Elven Rituals

Post  Christen M. on Sun May 08, 2011 9:36 pm

Ritual is a large part of Elven life, and very important in the remembrance of significant events.

Mourning Rite: Mourning rites are not performed for Elves who die of natural causes. Elves believe that those deaths are merely part of the cycle and not sorrowful. It is only when an elf is stricken down by violence or early demise that this rite is performed. Friends and family of the deceased gather around the body. Each in their turn bend down and whisper to the deceased. Usually it is a prayer or prepared verse, a means of saying farewell. When available the mourner leaves a gift of personal value to both the mourner and the dead. The mourner then departs without looking back. The last mourner is traditionally the closest to the fallen and lights the funeral pyre before leaving.
Day of Life: When an elf is born a celebration ensues involving all the family and friends. They travel to a secluded glen and plant a sapling in the child’s honor. The child is then named.
Naming Rite: On his fifteenth birthday, an elf goes before the council of elders. He recites a long list of ritual phrases and deeds, and speaks about the lessons he has learned thus far. Afterwards he chooses a name he would like to be known by or allows one to be bestowed by the council. The elf must present a reason for his chosen name in the form of an epic, a parable, or some anecdote that explains this name. If an elder makes the choice to name someone, the name is usually a matter of great significance and the elder will tell the naming story. After this a few questions and words of wisdom are imparted upon the elf and he takes his new name.
Inscription: Each year the elf travels to the place of his birth and writes the chronicle of his year. This chronicle is then buried beneath his naming tree, locked in a box against the elements.
Wisdom: The rite of Wisdom marks the passing of an elf from maturity to elder. Any elf who is an adult can apply to be granted this rite, when that is done the council of the wise meets in closed session with the elf. The council asks seven questions. After he has answered he is escorted from the chambers while the council discusses his answers. If they approve he is declared an elder. If he is close, but not close enough they can ask him to perform a quest of wisdom to prove his worth. This rite may only be attempted once by any elf.
Friendship: In this rite a non-elf is marked and recognized as an elf friend. The mark is magical and only visible to other Elves and elf friends. The secret of the mark is jealously guarded by Elven magicians.
Funeral Rite: When an elf dies of natural causes family and friends gather for two weeks of song and stories. They sing and reminisce about the deceased. After that the elf is buried beneath his naming tree.
Knowledge Passed: When an Elder realizes his time is nearing, he calls together those closest to him. They sit in a meditative trance and the elder shows them the most important experience in his life. They live with him and through him, seeing and experiencing everything. Afterwards they discuss the lesson.
Taking: This rite is a simple and quick thank you performed when any living thing, wood, animal, or fish is harvested. It is a way of respecting the life of all things.
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