[Suggested] How to Calculate Your Soak

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[Suggested] How to Calculate Your Soak

Post  Amanda R on Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:24 pm

One of the few inescapable numbers within the rules system is the concept of soak - how much damage your character can take before they drop to zero.

Life Points (LP) - Your base stat. Directly damaged by vorpal attacks. Regenerated by drinking potions, the regenerate skill, help from a healer, or simply sleeping it off (4 hours for half of your LP, 8 hours for your full LP)
1LP for having a race/character - This represents the fact you exist. Congratulations.
1LP for Privileged/2LP for Common/3LP for Savage - Those who have had a tougher upbringing can last longer than those who were pampered.
1LP for Good Costuming - Please help others maintain their immersion by not showing up in jeans and a T-shirt! Sweatpants and a baggy dress shirt with a belt is good, something distinctive that shows who your character is is better. Please check with a GM to make sure you meet the requirements!
1LP for Good Racial Costuming - Other players should immediately be able to tell if you're playing a member of a race other than human. GM-approved racial costuming is also required to access the racial disciplines from the Heroes and Villains expansion.
LP bonuses from Paths and Disciplines - Generally Warriors have the biggest bonus here, but there are plenty of disciplines that give bonuses to your life point total.
Level LP Bonus - For every multiple of 20 levels, you gain an additional LP. (20, 40, 60, 80, etc.)

This means life points can range from 2LP to 45LP, but generally players have between 5 and 15LP.

Your LP are augmented by Combat Reflexes (CR) and armor. Armor points can range between 1 and 4 points per location, and will be noted on your armor tag(s). Combat Reflexes are granted through skills in paths and disciplines, usually in multiples of 2 or 3.

These three numbers added together represent your total soak, which cannot be higher than 45 points. When damage is inflicted, points are first removed from armor, then combat reflexes, then life points. Armor needs to be repaired by a craftsman before it again bestows its protection, and combat reflexes are regained through rest and avoiding strenuous activity.

Level 4: Human Common Master Warrior/Pikeman 2 with 4 positions of Medium Armor
8 LP (Human(1), Common(2), Costume(1), Vigor(1) (x2), Fortitude(2))
6 CR
8 Armor Points
equals 22 soak

Level 20: Avyana Savage Master Rogue/Master Barbarian/Brawler 3 with 3 positions of Light Armor
7 LP (Avyana(1), Savage(3), Costume(1), Racial Costume(1), Level x20 bonus(1))
5 CR
3 Armor Points
equals 15 soak


I think I did my math right. This can be incorporated into the armor section, imo.

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