[Suggested] Apocalypse Stories

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[Suggested] Apocalypse Stories

Post  Robin Hercher on Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:35 am

Every race seems to have a unique origin story and final apocalypse story. While the origin stories of the Guthrie are many and often contradictory (and sometimes outright impossible), to the point no one but the Guthrie know their true origin, they are the only race without an actual apocalyptic vision. The closest thing they do have is one vaguely threatening, short rhyme that is known throughout all of the Caravans, though never told to the children and recited only once every ten years on the first full moon of the year:

The Last Caravan

When Phanterra dies, they will gather –
Born of our race, under the dark rays
Of a sun that should be as bright as day
But is as dark as the deepest night.

Their birth and life will be tied to their fate
Where devastation sprawls, one will walk
Tied by nothing, owned by nothing
They will see True Death and know it for what it is.

Name them not, for their Family is not yours
Their life is not yours, their Part is not yours;
They are Phanterra’s observers of the end –
They are the Last Caravan.

As there are multiple historical records from disaster survivors of all races remembering seeing a "Guthrie dressed all in black" before or after a terrible event, there may be some truth in the rhyme - though how much is questionable, as there has never been a sighting of more than one such dressed Guthrie at any disaster or massacre.

Despite not having a detailed apocalyptic story of their own, the Guthrie do seem to enjoy reciting the apocalypse stories gathered from the other races - an enjoyment most telling in their willingness to have their children present during the reciting.

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