[Suggested] What Kind of LARP is Final Haven?

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[Suggested] What Kind of LARP is Final Haven?

Post  Amanda R on Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:22 pm

LARPs can be broadly defined into three groups, all with their own merits, drawbacks, and playerbase that enjoys them.

1) Non-Contact LARP
LARPers here control their own characters and (occasionally) follow direction and story from a Game Master, but direct contact through boffer weaponry or other means is either strictly controlled or outright prohibited, and any conflicts that would usually involve such contact are resolved through a third party (eg. dice rolls, drawing cards, rock-paper-scissors). These LARPs are good for smaller spaces or areas where even fake weapons are frowned upon. However, this severely downplays the "action" part of the phrase, but for those unwilling or unable to participate in something more strenuous, these are the gold standard.

2) Full-Contact LARP
This is no-holds-barred action. The fighting is relentless, especially when conducted with real weaponry and armor! Those who participate in such LARPs must understand the risks they are undertaking, and waivers and possibly an on-call emergency staff are a must. For complete immersion, right down to the scars and bruises, look no further.

3) Controlled Contact LARP
As they say, moderation in all things. Final Haven takes the best of both kinds and melds them into a mostly seamless whole. Boffer weaponry combat is encouraged and is a major part of PC bragging rights and GM agendas, but safety is enforced through a marshal who inspects all weapons and rules on direction and strength of swings. Physical skill is prized, but the path and discipline system allows players to be useful to the main plot even at their very first event! And fighting may win the day, but it's often those who remain back at base who win the war.

Above all, LARP is what you make of it. Final Haven has a large playerbase for those seeking interaction, a constantly evolving economic system for those who love numbers, plenty of battles for those wishing to blow off steam, and a beautiful setting for those who just want to escape into someone else's head for a weekend.

Be involved. Have fun. And stay safe.

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