[Knight] Roleplaying Archtypes

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[Knight] Roleplaying Archtypes

Post  Kiel Reid on Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:56 am

The Knight discipline is a very straight forward discipline. But it can also be played a variety of ways. Here are a couple of ways you can explain your abilities.

- You are an old warhorse. You have seen the horrors of battle and are know longer fazed by a little blood and guts. On the battlefield you move by instinct and your experience has taught you how to avoid the blows of your enemies and hit them where it hurts. While people half your age are wheezing and out of breath, you are still showing them that the battles not over until every enemy is dead.

- You are trained in the art of the sword. You are an painter and the blade is your brush. While others may feel as though you are distant you are always in a state of readiness, allowing all of your senses to guide you in battle. You hear your enemy take in a deep breath, and feel the air move before he takes that swing. Your mind and body are one in the fight. When others are panicking you are the calm inside the storm.

- Your talented and you know it. The rest of these wanna be's wish they were half the swordsman you are. You move around the battlefield looking for the next challenge, to prove that your more than just some young upstart. Those who underestimate you are in for a shock because your strikes are relentless and precise. When the enemy swings you are already gone, getting ready to land the next devastating blow. They can try and scare you off but you won't stop until people give you respect you deserve.

- There is a darkness inside you. You try and keep it contained but when you're in the heat of battle it always comes out. The darkness fills your veins and you get cold. Time slows to crawl as you lose yourself. When it takes over it all you can do is watch as it tears through people with cold precision. It moves with deadly grace and fears nothing. Your scared that one day it will overcome you completely, but you do your best to control it.

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