[Suggested] The Tribal Shamen

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[Suggested] The Tribal Shamen

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:04 pm

This build is for those looking for a really playing a traditional Shamen. By combining the abilities of the Empath, Wizard, and Healer you get a gritty form of magic. This ability assumes you are 20th level.

- Sense Magic
- Lesser Channel
- Healing
- First Aid
- Cure Disease
- Cure 2 (Potion)
- Slick (Spell)

- Fear
- Channel
- Cure Poison
- Undead Transformation (Potion)
- Curse/Remove Curse (Spell)


The most obvious choice for of discipline here is going to be Druid. The abilities here mesh very well with the path choices offering the combo of slick for an LP and a charged root. Having Scout mixes well with you savage lifestyle and the Mimic Totem ability offers versatility with offensive and defensive abilities.

Another good choice would be the Tribal Protector. Having the ability to Banish unruly spirits as well as the ability to Resist Magic so that their attacks don't work make you the undead's worst enemy.

Other Skills

Eater of the Dead's 1st and 2nd level discipline abilities add a lot of flair to this build with the ability to Consume Brain. Adding Wilderness Survival gives you some additional resources every event that can be used to get the mystic for Alchemy Labs to increase the amount of potions you can make.


This is build that requires a large amount of role-play to pull off. It's a great build for someone looking to play a Ga'Vin or Orc that is really going for that tribal shaman vibe. They are also great at staying with healers or providing ranged support for groups with their channels but tend to go down very quickly in melee. If you are ever in a melee situation use either slick or magic fear to get away. With the Flee boon you can make sure you never get taken down.

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