[Suggested] The Combat Medic

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[Suggested] The Combat Medic

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:00 pm

The Jack of all Trades has the versatility to be so many things but it's good to think outside of box sometimes.

The Combat Medic's build allows them to serve as an emergency healer but still gives them the ability to stand up in a fight. This build assumes you are 20th level.

- First Aid
- Healing
- Extend Life
- Cure Disease
- Combat Reflexes
- Hold Ground
- Critical Strike

- Awaken
- Administer
- Cure Poison
- Transfusion
- Defensive Matrix


I feel as though combining this build with the Paladin discipline you get the ability to augment your healer abilities and your warrior abilities. You have access to instant healing via Transfusion. You also have the ability to resist sleep and KO effects. The extra life gives you a little boost to soak. The Triage ability allows you get your friends back into the fight quickly.

Another combination would be by placing this with the Knight discipline. This gives you the ability to add a significant amount of soak (1 LP and 3 CR) to allow you to stand in the fight longer. The Weapon Focus allows you swing extra damage making you more of an offensive threat on the field.

Extra Skills

Because you have purchased all of the Healers basic and advanced skills you can purchase Surgery for 60 points. The other 20 points can go towards the purchase of the Use Shield skill or anything else you feel will fit the character better.


Overall this build is oriented more towards healing than fighting. If your looking to play the healer who's not afraid to jump in the fray to pull their buddy out and quickly heal them than this will be a fun build for you. This healer is not designed to sit outside the cave healing people.

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