[Suggested] Critical Strike

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[Suggested] Critical Strike

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:40 pm

Critical Strike is the go to skill for all rouges. But it's execution seems simple. Here are some ways to explain why they are able to unleash the awesome blows.

- The rouge is a master of anatomy and his strikes are always aimed towards the most vital area's.
- The rouge is possessed by a fire elemental. By concentrating he can cause his blade to grow fiery hot and the strikes can sear the flesh of the target.
- The rouge has learned to focus all of their Kai into a single strike. The longer they concentrate, the more vicious their blow.
- The rouge has extraordinarily good luck. The blows always seem to find their mark.
- The rouge can increase their strength by turning pain into power. They give themselves superficial cuts and punch themselves to give them what they need to destroy their enemies.
- The rouge can spot the area's on their target where they have already be struck, making old wounds re-open and newer ones grow worse.

Please add to the list!

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