[Suggested] Avyana History

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[Suggested] Avyana History

Post  Kiel Reid on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:18 pm

Early History
In the early years the Av’Ian’Dar were a proud race of winged hunters who took to the sky regularly. They would fly high above the clouds and survey the world around them. Food came easily to them as did shelter. As a whole they had little a care in the world and were a jovial folk. They focused their energies upon artwork, song and making Phantara a more beautiful place for those who inhabited it.

When the An’dar and An’dar’vi started fighting though they knew they would have to step in or else Phantara would be destroyed. They took the side of the An’dar’vi and the Ga’vin, knowing that they were in the most need. However they were not a race of warriors and had never truly seen war. When the battle began the Av’ian’dar fled in terror, leaving behind their brothers in arms.

Age of Myth
The An’dar’vi never forgot their betrayal that day. They had suspicions of the Ga’Vin but the Av’ian’dar were supposed to be the ones they could count on. Deep in the mountains they worked up a terrible spell to curse those who had fled from the battle in their time of need.

When the spell was finished the Av’ian’dar were stricken by a terrible affliction that caused their wings to shrink considerably and grow weak. They could no longer take to the sky as they once could. Many Av’ian’dar died at this time from starvation or depression. Those who survived and adapted became the Avyana. They were clever, smart and resilient. They knew there was a time to strike and a time to run. They learned to take what they needed and get away quietly.

Age of Ancients
As the new world came to be the Avyana found a way to integrate themselves into it. Often they would create ‘rooks’ in which a small group of Avyana would call home. Avyana would often move but another group of Avyana would take their place. Whenever a traveler would stop by a rook a different group of Avyana would be there. It became Avyana custom to leave a small gift for the next group that would be taking up residence there.

Because of their constant travel the Avyana folk made excellent guides. They knew the lands well and knew how to avoid trouble when it came their way. They also had a natural talent for mimicry which made them fine linguists, mastering the enunciation's of each word perfectly. Many nobles in those days would have an Avyana with them as translators. Avyana who traveled independently were often bards who were welcome no matter where they went. They were wonderful singers and were often showered with gifts after their performances.
When it came time to open the portals the Avyana were in hiding. They had wanted no part in their construction. When the Ga’Vin made their move to attack the Avyana were nowhere to be found.

The Age of Humans
After the Splitting the Avyana grew frightened. They were afraid of this new world and the terrors that it held. One Avyana decided to create a haven for the Avyana. A place that they would be safe against their enemies. His name was Orlano Rederick and he named his city Lethnal.

In the beginning things were quite peaceful. The mountain haven had provided much security for the Avyana people. It was a community that helped each other, those who had more would provide to those in need. All gave a little to the Orlano in order to maintain the sanctuary and out of gratitude. But Orlano grew greedy. Over the years he demanded more of the people there. The Avyana tried to rebel but Orlano quelled the rebellion and made a law that no Avyana could hold weapons within the walls of Lethnal.

In order to stay alive the Avyana people stole from others so that they could pay the king. The children were taught from a young age how to pilfer until they were old enough to take on more serious jobs. Often these families would work together, sometimes as vault robbers, other times as bandits. Those who could not pay the fee were banished with a black X across their faces.

For generations this cycle continued. That was until the Cataclysm…

Post Cataclysm
When the lands were torn asunder by the rejoining of magic so was the great city of Lethnal. Now the Avyana who lived there are now free to venture the world again. Those who practiced the art of thievery are now taking advantage of the fact that they no longer have to pay a large stipend to the king. Others have taken up the way of the bard once again, trying to spread the beauty of music wherever they go. Those who used to serve as armed guards for the city of Lethnal have taken to the mercenary lifestyle. However the Avyana are still distrusted in most places because of their checkered past and it makes it difficult to trust them in any situation that involves payment.

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