[Suggested] Combat Reflexes

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[Suggested] Combat Reflexes

Post  Kiel Reid on Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:06 am

Many paths and disciplines have access to this skill so it stands to reason there can be tons of reasons why you would have it. Here are a couple of reasons why your character might have the ability.

- You are highly trained and have learned to minimize the impact of blows that have struck you.
- You can create a small magical barrier that covers you. Attacks bounce off of it but eventually it will break. When it does it takes some time to get it back into place.
- Your skin is naturally tough or hardened. Blows glance of your skin as though it were armor.
- You are extremely lucky and blows that would have clearly killed you seem to cause a mere scratch or miss entirely. But everybody's luck runs out eventually.
- You are covered in tattoo's that are actually mystical runes of protection. However the runes can only offer so much protection before they are exhausted.
- You have a guardian being that watches over you, warning of incoming attacks that would normally strike you. But the spirit is only allowed to effect the mortal world a certain amount of times before it is exhausted.

What are your idea's? Post some below!

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