[Written] Final Haven Core Book

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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

Post  Jared T on Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:25 pm

The Valkyn’Vi are a solitary people, wanderers and loners, in tune with the world around them. They have an almost ethereal otherworldliness and detachment to themselves that other races find somehow disquieting. Among themselves they often refer to their people as the An’Irri, which means ‘the lost people’ for they believe that they were ripped from their ethereal home long ago. They blame the elves and hold a deep-seated resentment for this. Only some of the wisest and eldest among the Valkyn’Vi, through their divinations, know the true nature of their race. The Valkyn’Vi are also known for being widely traveled and worldly in their knowledge. Many of them have taken to recording their journeys in diary form to pass down to their descendants as evidence of the trials which life on Phanterra presents to the solitary people. The society of the Valkyn’Vi is matriarchal, with small groups of women raising children in a clan structure until they are old enough to move on. The children then spend many years wandering before the women settle down with a few members of their own clan and several elders to raise children.

~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 16
The Valkyn’Vi have very pale skin and have traditionally painted their faces in Harlequin style, though not necessarily just black and white. They tend to wear dark and muted clothing that easily blends with the background while traveling.

~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 16

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Re: [Written] Final Haven Core Book

Post  TCOLE on Sun Feb 06, 2011 7:49 pm

I know I wrote a few pieces on the FH website, so feel free there. I'd like to see christen's work here as I have never read any of it.


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