[Written] Final Haven Core Book

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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

Post  Jared T on Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:48 am

The Avyana are a bird-like people who bear sharp pointed features and feathers in place of hair. As a whole they are considered sly, cunning, and quick minded. The Avyana tend to look out for themselves first and others a distant second. However, they are adept survivors, easily capable of avoiding many dangerous situations that would entrap others. Although once persecuted by their own rulers who were jealous of their subjects’ freedoms, the Avyana are these days without a homeland and are a lost and wandering people in search of something to believe in. Most have found nothing worthwhile, and as a consequence have developed a very pessimistic outlook on life.
~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 12
The feathers may be of nearly any color, though darker colors are more common among the Avyana seen abroad. Brighter colors were in the past a mark of the upper class, which no longer seems to exist.
~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 12

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